Journalist, Filmmaker, Activist

Sunday Dolph Christopher speaker at the 250 Möjligheter 2017 conference at Jönköping University


Sunday Dolph Christopher Aimuamwosa is a Nigerian-born Swedish international award-winning film Director, Journalist, Ambassador and Activist. He has worked as a video reporter at the Swedish national television, SVT and as a photographer (intern) at one of the most prominent local newspapers (Jönköpings-Posten) in Sweden.

He studied Journalism at Södra Vättenbygdens Folkhögskola in Jönköping, Sweden, and Digital Filmmaking at Forut Dakar Media Center in Dakar but did not complete the course after he discovered that filmmaking is more than just an education but a ritual.

Sunday, as a school exercise, producing a TV Show at SVF TV Studio.

He is the founder and CEO of Golden Sheep Productions; a Sweden-based film/video production company. As a filmmaker, he wrote, directed and produced amongst others Fienden Inuti (Enemy Within), Ringar På Vattnet (Ripples Effect) and the controversial People and Rubbish.

Sunday likes to describe himself as a driven reporter, photographer, editor, video reporter, filmmaker, ambassador and motivational speaker.

He has won Bronze at the Swedish Short Film Festival for Best Short film and Gold at Ouchy Films Awards for Best Documentary.

What makes him different​ is his desire to create films that entertain and inspire. He is committed to introducing the New Wave Filmic-Style into the Swedish media production with the aim to add artistic and cultural values to today’s film/media industry.