Are you looking for a video production equipment rental company in Sweden with reliable and well maintained equipment?

What we do

We are a team of expert filmmakers who have perfected the art of visual storytelling for over a decade

Our Expertise covers documentaries, drama, music concerts, reality TV and other styles of television programming.

For us, producing comes naturally. Whether it’s telling a brand story in the form of documentaries or coming up with creative marketing commercials to promote a brand or services, we are your best video production partner. 

We have worked with countless brands to achieve their marketing and communication objectives through video.


Our services



We have local and international knowledge for all aspects of film production. With over 20 years experience, we are able to assist up-coming film directors, from beginner to professional all through the process of production.

From scouting, researching, crew, production equipment, coordinating and handling entire production processes on your behalf. We have an extensive background in film and TV. We are experienced, professional and reliable.


Do you want to tell your business’s story and humanise your brand with compelling company intro videos? We are a creative media company specialised in corporate video production.

From showing the human side of your business to leaving a professional, profound impression, we have different ways to help you do it. We create professional corporate videos that grab attention


Livestream and webcast have become a part of our new normal either via virtual meetings or events. Whether you are streaming from a source to connect several people or a two-way active communication, do not let technical issues regarding how to achieve seamless high-quality video transmission be on your list of issues. We are highly experienced and well equipped to handle all your video production and web stream/webcast needs.


Are you looking for a Film Equipment Rental Company with reliable and well maintained equipment? We provide equipment rental services at very pocket friendly rates at our Nässjö offices which can be used anywhere in Sweden.

Also our creative crew which comprises of trained and professional Camera operators, DOPs, Creative Directors, Cinematographers, Focus Pullers, Producers and Production Managers, are also at your service.