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At SDCA Films, there’s no such thing as an impossible task. Our experienced team is willing and able to tackle any project, always on deadline. Check out our list of services below and contact us if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

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Specialising in visual storytelling, SDCA Films is dedicated to telling cinematic stories through engaging, emotive and effective video content.

We are your go-to source for excellent results. From development to production, our company is here to transmit your ideas into a stunning visual representation. 

Corporate videos &
Branded content

We are a dynamic team of experienced industry professionals with background in Film,TV, Photography, Journalism and digital marketing. We are a fusion of talented creatives who are very passionate about producing immersive media content, with the knowledge to help you achieve more with your marketing, branding and communication efforts


Music videos

After producing movies  and music videos for customers over the years, we know what it takes to communicate your message.

We offer a full range of services from pre-production, casting, art department, locations & permits to equipment rental, post-production and more.


Sunday Dolph Christopher Aimuamwosa

Sunday Dolph Christopher Aimuamwosa is a Nigerian-born Swedish international award-winning film Director, Journalist, Ambassador and Activist.

He is the founder and CEO of SDCA Films; a Sweden-based film/video production company. As a filmmaker, he wrote, directed and produced amongst others Fated, Fienden Inuti (Enemy Within), Ringar På Vattnet (Ripples Effect) and the controversial People and Rubbish.

What makes him different is his desire to create films that entertain and inspire. He is committed to introducing the New Wave Filmic-Style into the Swedish media production with the aim to add artistic and cultural values to today’s film/media industry.

Sunday likes to describe himself as a driven reporter, photographer, editor, video reporter, filmmaker, ambassador and motivational speaker.

Directing 100%
Cinematography / Videography 90%
Photography 100%
Premier Pro 95%
Davinci Resolve 90%
Avid Media Composer 90%
Photoshop 85%

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